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A Year in XQuery

About a year ago, I wrote The year of XQuery?. I’ve just finished my involvement with the large project at $WORK that was using XQuery. So it’s time to reflect over it a little. First, a bit of background. The site I was developing is essentially a more-or-less static view of 112,1491 XML documents in […]

XQuery Redux

I spent four days last week on a training course, most of which consisted of learning XQuery. I’m a lot happier with it now that I was a couple of months ago. In particular, OxygenXML or Stylus Studio are pretty good IDEs. A little cluttered, but an improvement over vim & Emacs. Of course, I’m […]

The year of XQuery?

Apparently, it’s the year of xquery. I’ve just started a large project at $WORK, of which XQuery is a fundamental piece. And I have to say I’m not so sure. From what I’ve seen so far, there are good and bad bits to XQuery. The good bits are that it’s really flexible and very easy […]