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My Sysadmin Toolbox

After seeing lots of these at Linux.com recently, I thought I’d try to come up with my own list. I used to be a sysadmin (I’m now a programmer), and I’ve long felt that you really a good set of tools (and to know how to use them) in order to be most productive. zsh […]


Well, I’m both annoyed and happy at Apple. Good news first: 10.4.6 fixes my problem with zsh. I would be curious to find out what the fix actually was… On the bad news, my replacement mouse still hasn’t turned up. My wireless mouse stopped working in February. Apple promised they’d ship me a new one […]

zsh globbing

I love using zsh—it’s full of completely insane features that you wouldn’t even think of using. Until you come across a situation and think: That’s exactly what I need! Today’s example is recursive globbing. How to pick out all the non-image files in the current directory? I needed to run docs2unix over them. You could […]

Terminal, zsh & [Process Completed]

This is mostly a “me too!” post, but it’s been bugging me. Every other time I open a new Terminal window (under OS X Tiger, anyway), I get a [Process Completed] message instead of my shell. According to other people, this happens more if you use zsh, and especially if you close the window using […]

OpenSSH & zsh misfeature

For a while, I’ve been using a little trick that I found on the zsh wiki (CompletionExamples) to automatically turn my known_hosts file into a set of host names. Unfortunately, the latest Ubuntu upgrade has turned on a new feature of OpenSSH, HashKnownHosts (detailed in ssh_config(5)). Unfortunately, this breaks the parsing because the hostnames are […]

zsh editor integration

A top tip from the zsh book: autoload -U edit-command-line zle -N edit-command-line bindkey ‘\ee’ edit-command-line Binds M-e to “stick this command line in your text editor.”

mutt completion in zsh

After a little while spent battling with zsh’s completion system today, I have made it complete my aliases file. My setup is slightly non standard (although not that unusual I think) in that the aliases aren’t defined in my ~/.muttrc file. Instead, they’re in ~/.mail_aliases. To get zsh to know about this requires a small […]