Hello World

It’s time to start using this site for something useful. I’ve used wordpress at work for a while, and it seems like it could be useful here too. It’s a lot easier than the previous setup of cvs+xslt+make.

I’ve decided on wordpress-pg since I don’t have MySQL installed and didn’t understand it when I tried. PostgreSQL works well and feels a lot simpler to me. Plus it doesn’t involve threads, which is always a bonus. Disturbingly, the images in the tarball appeared corrupted, I’ll have to let them know. I’m still keeping the wordpress-pg code in subversion, but the data is safely stored in a database where it belongs.

What sort of content goes here? Well, it’s likely to be mostly technical since that’s a large part of me. But hopefully I’ll get some cycling in too.

Anyway, on with the writing…

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