I need to migrate the old web site over to wordpress. There’s a lot to change though and I need to make sure that it goes (relatively) smoothly. I don’t want to end up with too many 404s.

Stuff that needs thinking about:

  • favicon. I probably should import into the blog bits, maybe under wp-content?
  • Staged. This blog should be accessible at until all content is migrated.
  • /dist needs to be separated out; I don’t want to make it part of this blog.
  • /books, /comics and /scripts all need a damned great makeover. Dunno how yet.

I think it’s important to get the old content migrated before I put this in place. On the other hand, looking at the logs makes me realise that there really aren’t that many hits for a lot of it. My most popular article How To Copy Files Across A Network has had only 5560 hits in the last year. Still, migrating the articles isn’t hard and I should probably give that a go first.

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