PostgreSQL Upgrade

I’ve just upgraded to PostgreSQL 8.0, which as expected, didn’t go entirely smoothly. The config file format has changed a bit, although ediff soon took care of that. The dump-and-restore rigmarole is still there, but then that’s what nightly backups are for.

The main trouble was that I had been playing with SSL certificates some time ago and that’s changed a little bit in 8.0 (hopefully due to my prompting). Turning that off made things go better. It’s not a problem because the new default is to listen to the localhost interface only instead of all IP addresses.

What’s nice is that wordpress-pg appears to work without any problems. I wasn’t expecting any, but it’s always pleasant when it works out like that.

Anyway, now that it’s there, I can start playing with it to see what’s changed. Even though I don’t use the database much at home, it’s all good experience.