Walking in Snow

The chilly weather is still bringing us more snow even when it seemed like it was over. Today it’s been wet, slushy snow, but somebody still managed to make a snowman. We managed to grit the driveway instead.

Anyway, it being wet and cold, we had to go for a walk. We walked to Devil’s Dyke which turned out to be further than we thought (previously we had only cycled) and extremely chilly in certain exposed parts of the walk. But the sheer joy of tramping through fresh snow was worth it.

At Devils Dyke, the pub was closed, which is a Good Thing considering the quality of that particular establishment. There were several cars present having a very hard time keeping control in the slush.

Last Sunday we went walking up Mount Caburn near Lewes. The snow was much better there. More powdery and it was a lovely sunny day (well, when the snow wasn’t falling). It would have been perfect ski resort snow.

Despite all the walking, I’m rearing to get back on my bicycle; it’s been far too long already.

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