Citation Sources

One of the useful things about blockquotes is that you can specify where you’re quoting by adding a cite attribute. But current browsers don’t offer you an interface to use this information. Sounds like a job for greasemonkey! So I wrote cite.user.js to get around it.

Unfortunately, I should have looked around first—I might have seen Citeable Blockquotes, which does what my script does, but more and better. Ah well. It was an interesting learning experience; it took only minutes to put together.


FireFox Extensions

Firefox is a fine web browser. But one of the best features is the ability to add in extensions. These are a few of the extensions that I have to install.

  • AdBlock. Lets you switch off the annoying flashing adverts.
  • Web Developer. If you’re developing web sites, you need this to understand how your web pages really work.
  • View Cookies. A simple but useful tool if you’re developing web sites.
  • Live HTTP Headers. Shows you what really happened under the hood. Again, more useful for web site developers.
  • GreaseMonkey. This should be installed by default. It lets you use JavaScript to alter any web page in any way. Very handy for fixing up those little “broken” things lying around the web.
  • Show Anchors. Really handy for linking to some particular piece of a web page instead of the page as a whole.

The other extremely handy extension is the DOM Inspector, but that’s more of a builtin thing than an extension.