Bad Bike Luck

My poor bikes. Firstly, riding into work one day a few weeks ago, I managed to snap the pedal off of my brompton. I have no idea how. Unfortunately, it was the folding pedal, at £32 a pop. And the part had to be ordered. So I started using my mountain bike instead.

This worked fine, until I took my mountiain bike home to my mothers for Easter. Whilst I was there, I managed to snap the derailleur hanger off, again I have no idea how. Unfortunately, this left the bike in a state where it couldn’t even be wheeled along. Thankfully, it was close to the house so it could be carried.

The bike’s still under warranty, so I was going to send it back to Halfords to get fixed. Except that they’re busy. And when I call back they’re still busy. And then they have to order the part first. Net result is that I have no idea when my mountain bike will be working again. They’d just better fix it before the warranty runs out. 😦

But to really top things off, my brompton broke again. This was my fault. When the pedal sheared off, I also managed to break the front mudguard. So when I got the pedal repaired, I took off the front mudguard to look at mending it myself. And I must have put the front wheel nut back on badly because when I looked at the bike on Friday morning, it was missing. And it’s not terribly safe to ride around with wheel nuts. I managed to talk to the very lovely Andy at Freedom Bikes and he gave me another wheel nut to try. So, on the mend we go. Thankfully, the mudguard is all mended now so I’ll have a stab at putting everything back together this morning.

I do love my bikes, but they’re such a pain when they go wrong.

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