I hate printers. Always have done, probably always will do. Early on in my career, I witnessed a serveral hundred Kg printer crush a mans foot. I am convinced that the printer did this deliberately.

Today’s little task was to print a photo. Nothing too difficult about that you might think. But despite trying several different photos and seemingly endless combinations of settings (how many 4×6 photo card sizes are there?) it’s all to no avail. I have far, far too many wasted little bits of glossy paper (at £7.99 a pack, I’m not too keen on that). I have wasted far too much ink in the damned printer (at £25 a cartridge, I’m even less keen on that).

And for what? Ink all over the printer rollers to foul up any further printing I might want to do. Photos with the top missing. Photos with the bottom missing. Very enlarged versions of the top square centimetre of the photo. In fact, almost everything except a nice, complete, aligned version of the photo.

How hard can it be? I thought that this consumer stuff was meant to be easy! Naturally I blame HP for their part in this cock up (The printer does have their crap software with it).

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