New Phone!

We decided that it was time to get new phones as the old ones were a bit long in the tooth, kept running out of battery and so on. So we ordered a couple of Nokia 6610i from carphone warehouse. A bargain at £50, too. I also picked up a data cable, which is invaluable.

The phone is very, very nice compared to what I was using before, even though the model is over a year old now. But the screen is bright and clear, and the text is very legible. The UI is standard Nokia, which I find to be far more usable than anything else I’ve seen (Motorola in particular I find to be uniquely awful at UI design). But the most useful feature to me took me by surprise—the FM radio.

Now I can listen to the radio on my commute in to work in the morning. It’s fantastic! Not something I’d ever really thought about much, but having it there makes you suddenly realise how useful it is.

The only downfall so far has been that sending a picture message to the other phone instead produced an SMS with a link to a website where the picture could be viewed. Not really right. And the t-mobile website isn’t exactly helpful on the matter. I’ll ask in the shop on Monday instead.

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