Firefox Plugin Development

I’ve tried a few times to play with firefox (or it’s parent, mozilla) in order to write a plugins. There’s no shortage of ideas that I could implement… But every time I get stymied at the first step: getting the development environment set up.

This time, I was following Getting started with extension development, which looked like just the ticket for getting going. Everything laid out in nice, easy steps. Except that I can’t make it work. The extension manager plainly refuses to see the extension I have created. And I have no idea why, because there appears to be no logging at all.

I’ve actually purchased two books on mozilla development over the years, but whilst they have good coverage of the innards, they have less than stellar coverage of how to get there.

Whilst I like firefox greatly, I do wish that it was more like Emacs in how it exposes its development functionality. That’s a lot easier to get started with.

Update: Pilot error. I failed to notice the “requires firefox 1.1 or better” notices contained within…

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