I use bogofilter for spam filtering. However, I’m getting quite unhappy with it. It has a nasty tendency to corrupt it’s db files resulting in messages like this:

bogofilter[9794]: error: the data base file size is only 16 pages
bogofilter[9794]:        below the resource limit. Cowardly refusing
bogofilter[9794]:        to continue to avoid data base corruption.
procmail: Program failure (3) of "bogofilter"
procmail: Rescue of unfiltered data succeeded

Not only that, even when it’s working, it’s not as effective at preventing spam as the system we have at work: dspam. So it looks like I’ll hav to invest an afternoon into learning how dspam works and getting it all set up. I hate being forced into wasting my time at the whim of other people on the Internet.

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