Dave Fulton

We went to see Dave Fulton as part of the Brighton Comedy Festival. His show is “We’re all Americans” and it rings true. Whilst he starts off slating our cousins across the pond, he quickly turns it around and starts biting into British people with equal ferocity. And it’s all deliciously non P.C.

I particularly liked his line on the British capacity for booze:

The English are the only people I know who drink on the train on the way to go drinking!

Definitely worth catching if he’s playing near you.


Google Reader

Like many other people in the blogosphere, I’ve been playing with Google Reader, and I’ve found it to be a pretty good aggregator. But it’s lacking one big, important feature: The “catchup” button. I want to be able to mark all my feeds read with a single keystroke.

What would be really nice would be the ability to mark all articles from a selected feed read. But I think that’s difficult in the current interface because it seems to melt all articles into the same pot.

Before I sound too critical, I have to point out that what Google Reader does, it does very well. I found it quick, responsive and easy on the eyes. Good work, chaps!

Oh, and there’s one really, really important innovation: It brings vi-style keystrokes to the people. Yay Google!