Log::Dispatch::Atom 0.02

The other day, I released <a href="”>Log::Dispatch::Atom. Originally, I just wanted to log messages to an Atom file, so I could get my web app to record errors that I can pick up through my feed reader. But I haven’t gotten around to implementing that yet.

About half way through writing it, I remembered the <a href="”>Log::Dispatch module. So, when I was happy that the module was working OK, I refactored it to be usable by Log::Dispatch (which was very simple—a testament to the simple design of Log::Dispatch::Output).

Anyway, I’ve now released Log::Dispatch::Atom to CPAN, for all your feedy needs. Almost. At the moment, it’s still a bit too easy to create Atom feeds that the feed validator doesn’t like. I need to have a bit of a think about the best way to get things like “id” in there for each log message. But it should still be usable for now.

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