Comics Expo

Yesterday, I went to Comic Expo 2005. I couldn’t really miss it seeing as it was in town. I wish I’d gone on Saturday as they were screening some great films (including Grass Roots) and had Dave Gibbons doing a session. And Harry Harrison too. Never mind. I did get to see Mark Millar instead, which was cool.

Unfortunately, I forgot to buy tickets ahead of time, so it cost £10 to get in. Bleargh. This was further compounded by my purchasing several new graphic novels. Needless to say my £50 that I’d got out didn’t last long.

The highlight of the show was watching Gilbert Shelton draw Fat Freddy’s Cat in front of me. Being completely unartistic myself, it was absolutely magical to see it all appearing right there in front of my very eyes.

I loved the Dalek that was wondering around as you walked in. Very flashy & noisy, just like a happy pet.

I was very glad to see Weebl had a stall selling DVD’s and soft toys and stuff. Nice to see the lads and I picked up a DVD from them, which I’d been meaning to for ages.

I was amused to see David’s Comics present. Their stall seemed to be about three times the size of their shop in the laines. 🙂

The worst bit was the interior of the Metropole. As one of the two “top hotels in Brighton”, the decor was a little bit shabby in the conference area. There were bits here and there with wallpaper peeling. Not awful, but definitely ranks a “could do better.”

Anywhow; I sure hope that they come back next year!

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