Shiny New Toy

I’ve been so busy with my shiny new toy recently, that I completely forgot to blog about it. I’ve recently acquired an iMac G5. I love it. I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy another PC because they’re generally rubbish, error prone and don’t come with much good software. The iMac comes with Emacs, Vim,
Perl, and Apache. What more could you ask for?

On top of that, the display on the iMac is superb. Lovely, bright and colourful. I’ve seen lots of macs around in the Perl community and consequently I’m pretty happy with the interface. The only slight downside so far is the odd keyboard layout, which has double-quote on the right hand side of the keyboard (american style) instead of on Shift-2 like every other british keyboard. But that’s minor.

When it comes to software, I happily downloaded everything I needed pretty quickly: graphical Carbon Vim, Aquamacs, Firefox and Thunderbird. Everything worked like a charm. And it’s all incredibly nippy compared to my old laptop.

However, I was particularly pleased to see that the copy of Myst IV Revelation also supported OSX. On the same CD. Bonus! And so did World of Warcraft when we bought that a few days later. Overall, the mac is an excellent gaming machine.

I’d definitely recommend getting one of these. With a bit of luck, they’ll only get cheaper as Apple release the new Intel products later on this year.

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