Cygwin / X

At work, I get quite a bit of use out of cygwin. In particular, I find the X server really handy. But I had been using a small batch file to start up the X server, which annoyingly left behind a DOS box whilst the X server was running.

But yesterday, I found the c:/cygwin/usr/X11R6/bin/startxwin.bat script. This manages to start up the X server without leaving behind the DOS box. Much nicer. I did have to edit the script to not start up an xterm, but apart from that it works great.

One other little feature that’s quite handy: If you create an ~/.XWinrc file with this contents:

MENU systray {
  xterm EXEC "xterm -ls -display %display%"
ROOTMENU systray

Then you have a convenient link on the X server menu to fire up an xterm. Very handy. My next step is to get it to automatically ssh over to the dev server and fire up Emacs. But I’m not sure if cygwin’s ssh client will interact with the pageant that I’m already running.


New Server

So I went ahead and bought a new Dell PowerEdge SC430, as my normal server is falling over on a far too regular basis. Lovely. Except that when I got it home, I made the discovery that Dell no longer fit PS/2 keyboard connectors. There are 7 USB slots, however. And guess which kind of keyboard I don’t posess?

On top of that, I also found that the only free-standing monitor I posess only had a DVI cable, not a VGA.

So, back to work to liberate some parts from the stores for an evening. And now I have a very nice shiny new server running FreeBSD.

Now starts the hard bit, configuring it the same as the other one…