I’ve just switched the theme on this blog to Origami, winner of the typo theme contest. Whilst I think it looks good, it feels a bit slow. And I really dislike the Flash technique for replacing the texts of the headlines. It means you can’t select the text properly any more. So the theme may change again shortly. Given my level of artistic inability, it’s won’t be an original creation though.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Keith has given his blog engine a makeover—Everything old is new again. It looks exactly the same as before, but now comes with added searchy goodness. Of course, he used MySQL instead of a real database, but we can forgive small foibles. ;-)

My only minor critique is that a permanent redirect should be set up on the RSS feed to direct clients towards the new URL. Something like this in .htaccess should do the trick.

  Redirect permanent /journal/journal.rss

I never understood why Apache required you to specify an absolute URL for the destination there. It should be able to work it out if you’ve left the hostname and scheme off…