Beta Books

I’ve recently purchased a beta copy of Rails Recipes. It’s obviously not 100% finished, but appears to be largely complete. It’s already been really, really helpful to me, in particular the chapter on migrations.

But what’s really, really cool is the link at the bottom right of each page in the PDF. It just says “Report erratum”. Clicking it launches a web browser pointing at the erratum page for that book. It’s the easiest way of giving feedback that I have ever seen.

It’s not just erratum of course. Because it’s still a Beta Book, suggestions are also solicited. So I added a little note about how linking to the docs for migrations would be a good idea. Yes, it’s a very small point. But together, lots of people with lots of small points adds up to a much, much better book. I can’t wait to get my print copy of the final version!

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