If you’ve more than one computer at your desk, and one of them is a Mac, you need osx2x. It lets you use all the other computers via VNC or X-Windows connections, using only the one mouse and keyboard. Shiny.

Sadly, the download link on the main site is broken. This is a bit of a pain as it doesn’t appear to be mirrored anywhere.

Luckily, I found one chap who had created a fresh distribution from the (still available) source: osx2x Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) Universal Binary. I’ve installed that version and it’s working great. My sincere thanks to jamesotron.

Update: Annoyingly, I can’t figure out how to right click when talking to the windows box. That’s a bit annoying.



Finally, after much nail-biting I gave my skillswap presentation this evening: An Introduction to Version Control. Thankfully, I had a delightful audience, who asked lots of very sensible questions. A few people said that they’d go away and try subversion, so that’s a win. Version Control is such a safety blanket to me, I don’t understand how people can do without it…

Anyway, it seemed to go well and I didn’t manage put anybody to sleep. :-)

Huge thanks to Andy Budd of course, for organising the whole SkillSwap thing. It’s a great idea, and I’ll certainly be enjoying more of them in the future (and contributing where possible).

Update: One question that came up that I didn’t have an answer for was the question of dreamweaver integration with subversion. There appears to be some commercial support from SVN for Dreamweaver. Costs $59 (£33.90 according to Might be useful.

One other option might be to set up the WebDAV autoversioning support in subversion. This means that you can just use Windows’ “Web Folders” to copy files in, and store them in the repository. It’s not as slick, however, and does involve extra server side setup.

Update#2: Damien Tanner kindly posted a photo of last night’s events:

SVN Skillswap