XTech is Over

The months go past and the conferences come and go. As usual, I can’t afford to go (and “it sounds interesting” isn’t a convincing business case), so I eagerly lap up all the blogs and slides afterwards.

Jeremy’s just come back from xtech and triggered an hour or two of reading. I definitely recommend checking out his slides on Hijax, which is a very good way of doing gracefully degrading Ajax.

He rightly pointed out Suw Harman who seems to have been in many of the sessions and provided good summaries (although possibly in more of the web 2.0 talks than the others, but that’s mostly what I’m interested in).

Following the links, Paul Hammond mentioned Alex Russell’s talk, which has some rather good insights:

Comparing JavaScript to Java or C++ has always been like converting Unicode to ASCII by lopping off the high bits.

Brendan Eich’s talk on JavaScript 2 appears to be the same one that he gave at the Ajax Experience last week, and are hosted at JavaScript 2 and the Future of the Web. It’s really heartening to see that JavaScript is going in a sensible direction after the appallingingly bad (yet thankfully stillborn) js20.

Lastly, everybody needs to read Mark Nottingham on Web 2.0 Caching. It’s critical to getting good performance in the new web order.

Next years is scheduled to be in Paris. I’ll have to see if I can make it this time. Maybe if I get off my arse and find something interesting to write about…

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