The Treason Show

I went to see The Treason Show last Friday night. It’s about the fourth time I’ve been and I’m still being entertained. Song and dance satire can’t be beat.

However, I do have a couple of complaints:

  • Too much football. Really. I hate football, despise the world crap and really want to go out and get away from it. Having said that, the finale of “We’re not the champions” was beautifully done.
  • Tables. This is more aimed at Komedia rather than the show. But all the tables were a) really tightly packed in and b) reserved anyway. We got there fairly soon after it opened and there were no free tables (they were empty, just unavailable). Instead, we got to sit on the very uncomfortable stools for the whole show. They really need to rethink this.

Overall though, still very enjoyable, despite the extremely loud and pissed woman two tables down.

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