d.Construct 2006

Registration for d.Construct 2006 is now open. Get your tickets whilst there are still some left, by the looks of things. It promises to be a grand day. I’m particularly looking forward to the talks on Web Services and APIs in the morning.

I’m also intrigued by Aral Balkan’s talk on flash. I remember him talking about it at last years d.Construct and being very impressed by the kind of things that are happening in the flash space. It’s really good to try and understand things that are going on outside your immediate sphere.

This is why, even though I’m normally far more concerned with backend software, I’m still curious to hear about topics like accessibility. It might not be what I do directly, but it’s still going to be a part of the product I help to create. Having an holistic appreciation of the product can only help.

It’s a real treat to have an event like this in Brighton. I can’t thank the guys at Clearleft enough for putting this together. Presumably thanks can be purchased in beer, post-event. ;-)