Keynote Hates Subversion

I’m annoyed. I’ve just coughed up for a full version of keynote. All the other options for doing presentations on the mac are either unusable or too expensive. I used the pre-installed demo a bit, and I quite like it now. But when I installed the purchased copy, I upgraded to Keynote 3.0.1. And it no longer works with subversion.

Keynote (like many OS X things) stores it’s “files” as a directory containing lots of different things. This is annoying, but still manageable using subversion. Unfortunately, the real problem with Keynote 3.0.1 is that it completely blows away the whole directory each time you save. Along with all my .svn directories inside. Damn.

Looks like I’m not the only one: Keynote and Subversion. One of the suggested workarounds is to switch to svk (which doesn’t have any hidden directories), which I might just do. But it’s still bloody annoying.

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