Unicode Depresses Me

Perl is meant to have reasonable Unicode support. So why do I still have to write this at the top of a test?

  use utf8;
  use Test::More 'no_plan';
      my $Test = Test::Builder->new;
      binmode( $Test->output,         ":utf8" );
      binmode( $Test->failure_output, ":utf8" );
      binmode( $Test->todo_output,    ":utf8" );

I would have thought that adding the -CS flag to the #! line would have fixed this. But that doesn’t do it. Ah well, I’ve filed a wishlist bug: RT#21091.


Art in the garden

Yesterday, I went with a few friends to see Art in the garden at Hillier Gardens. I’ve put up the photos on flickr.

Bee & Yellow Flower

I can assure you that despite my utterly inadequate photography skills, the gardens are definitely worth a visit. They’re still in really good shape, despite the long hot summer. And the artwork on display is always interesting and beautifully sitatuated, even if it’s not always to your taste. Definitely worth a visit.

The only trouble is the distance to travel. If you’re near southampton, it’s great, but unfortunately it’s a 2 hour drive from Brighton. Along that deservedly hated road, the A27.