d.Construct is here!

And it’s huge! Compared to last years event, anyway. It’s down in the Corn Exchange, which thankfully hasn’t been fitted out to the max with chairs (unlike the last time I was here). There’s a really nice space at the back with tea, coffee and power bars! That’s something that I didn’t realize how essential it was until I visited YAPC::Europe.

I’ve met a few people so far. The Fotango crew, who are here as a sponsor, pushing Zimki. I love their slogan “pre-shaved yaks”. They have yaks on their stand, which are exceedingly cute.

I’ve also seen Peter Nixey from Webkitchen, whom I keep seeming to bump into. Plus a chap from Elsevier, always good to talk to people in the same industry.

Anyway, onto the intro…

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