d.Construct: post event party

I did manage to wander down to the terraces eventually. It was a huge crowd. It felt like 75% of the conference had made it down there. Sadly, I stopped to check my mail before going, so missed the tab behind the bar. Oops. 😦 Doubly so when finding out that they charge £3.10 for a pint of lemonade!

Anyway, I met a bunch of people whilst down there. It was really cool as they’re all local people that I just don’t bump into ordinarily, even though I cohabit mailing lists with them: Paul Dave Childs, Aidan Delaney, Tom Coady (whom I played a round of crazy golf with and ended up scoring 0xff). I must try and get out in Brighton more…

I also bumped into Paul Hammond and Amy, who are expecting a new arrival in a month or so. I wish them all the best. It seems like rather a lot of people I know are expecting right now.

Unfortunately, after doing the crazy golf, my earache got the better of me and I had to retire. I had a crêpe from the pier on the way back to try and build up energy for the ride home. A huge thanks to Jay Gooby and the Snipperoo team for sponsoring the evenings party. I wish I could have enjoyed more of it.

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Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry about the bar tab running out – I think our fundamental error was failing to ask how much each drink might cost – i.e. the tab go soaked up much more quickly than we expected because each drink cost so much! If it’s any consolation, I didn’t get a drink on the tab either. Cheers, Ivan (Snipperooter)

Dave: Doh! Sorry about that. I wasn’t entirely with it last night…

Ivan: I don’t mind missing the free drinks at all. I’m just a little surprised because I’ve been there before and I’m sure that the drinks weren’t that expensive. I guess they bump the prices up for private functions. Rather like our wedding… Regardless, I’m still very happy with the party being on at all! It was a great end to marvellous day.

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