Pizza On Rails

I’ve just gotten back from the Pizza on Rails pre-conference event. I was a bit nervous, because by all accounts I knew nobody who was going. Thankfully I bumped into Paul Hammond within 5 minutes of arriving. He introduced me to Rob who deals with That sounds like fascinating stuff—over 12Tb of data, including all past legislation and amendments. Lots of SGML though, poor man.

In turn, Rob introduced me to Paul Battley who will be heckling my Unicode talk. I’d better tread carefully. 🙂

Eventually, we wandered over to another pub, which was slightly less noisy. The thunder storm going on around us was fabulously entertaining.

At the pub, I found Dan Webb who graciously explained the innermost secrets of the UJS plugin, which brings unobtrusive JavaScript to rails in a rather lovely way. I’ll definitely have to look closer at how that works. I owe Dan a drink or two for the time he spent talking slowly to me about various bits of JavaScript. It’s really great that somebody is willing to take Rails’ JavaScript usage forwards like this.

Anyway, now I’m at the office surveying the remnants of the same storm that I have to cycle home in. Bleargh.