subatom 0.09

I’ve released a new version of my tool subatom. If you haven’t seen it, it produces atom feeds for subversion commit messages. It’s pretty handy for monitoring activity in a subversion repository and it doesn’t need access to the server.

There are only two new features in this release:

  • Add in a option to specify link[@rel="self"], which means that the generated feeds can now pass the feedvalidator with flying colours. Many thanks to Hans F. Nordhaug for the patch.
  • I’ve added in a config file. I broke down and did it because I’d ended up with scripts that just called subatom in a variety of ungainly ways. Using a config file makes things slightly more manageable.

However, as with all releases, there are already a couple of problems:

  • Hans found that it doesn’t really cope with character encodings properly. This is particularly shameful for me. So I’ll take a peek at it tonight to ensure that we tell subversion to give us UTF-8 and process that accordingly.
  • Another point brought up by Hans is that it should invoke svn log as svn log --limit. I’d been avoiding that because I’m still on an older version of svn at work, but there’s no reason to not run svn help log and check the output to see if --limit is available.

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Hi Dom. A handful of thoughts.

Could you use SVN::Log to help with this?

Also, Subversion stuff on CPAN normally sits in the SVN:: namespace. Perhaps modularising this as SVN::Feed::Atom (with a wrapper script taking the place of subatom)?

Or perhaps as an SVN::Notify plugin?

Also, you know that you can do “svn log—xml” to get the log information from Subversion as XML, right?

And one more thing – you don’t fancy writing SVN::Web::Atom do you :) ?

Oooh, I hadn’t seen SVN::Log. That’s looks neat. Although a quick glance at the API shows that it’s not so easy to pull out “The last N applicable revisions”. I like that it uses the SVN perl bindings if available though.

As to the name, yes, it probably should sit in the SVN:: namespace. The trouble is that it started off as a shell script in my bin directory. If I get around to splitting it out into a script+module, I’ll probably rename it.

I’d not considered it as an SVN::Notify plugin, even though I use that. That could be a fruitful avenue.

As to the svn log --xml, well that would mean depending on an XML parser as well. I’m already a little concerned that I have one dependency…

SVN::Web::Atom? I shall take a peek. I’m sure it can’t be that hard… I just need to find the time.

SVN::Web::Atom would largely be a case of subclassing SVN::Web::RSS, calling the superclasses run() method, and then changing the name of the template that’s used.

Then you just need a template that generates Atom instead of RSS.

I’d do it myself, only I’m too lazy to learn yet another feed format… 🙂

If SVN::Log would help (or is close to helping) let me know if there are any features that you need (via RT), and I’ll endeavour to add them.

As I said on private e-mail to Dominic, I think it sufficient to use ’’svn log—limit N—xml’’ and the some regular expressions to replace SVN XML tags with appropriate HTML tags – no need for a XML Parser or even SVN::Log.

PS! I assume I could look at SVN::Web::Atom, at least making the template shouldn’t be a problem, if Dominic doesn’t want to.

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