Sussex Geek Dinner

I went to the Sussex Geek Dinner last night. Tristan Roddis was talking about Plone. I was initially very skeptical, as I had a bad Zope experience several years ago. I’m extremely glad to see that development has come on a long way. Whilst there’s still a very steep learning curve, you can now actually use source control with it, which was still not really done when I last looked (circa 1999). Anyway, it sounds really powerful when you get to grips with it, which Tristan’s company certainly have. I also pointed out Varnish to Tristan as he mentioned using squid in front of a CMS. 🙂

I also found out that he’s working in the same building on the floor above me. Which is really the point of events like these. It’s all about bringing the local tech community together so we get to know each other better. I was really pleased to bump into a few people I hadn’t seen in a while last night. We had a great talk after the main show—mainly about photography.

Just after 10, a few of us wandered over to the farm meet in another pub. I bumped into even more people there and had lots of deliciously geeky talk. It turned out that Sevan had just been interviewed on bsdtalk two hours previously about his work on the Brighton Chilli hotspot project. I was quite shocked to find that interview downloading to my ipod when I got back home. Good work Will Backman!

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