Busy Week

Last Wednesday, I found out that the Brighton Comedy Festival. Unfortunately, it had already started. It’s a shame it seems to have been under promoted this year—there are some really good acts on (plus I missed going to see Marcus Brigstocke). I immediately booked two tickets for Sue Perkins the same evening.

Sue put on an excellent show entitled “The Disappointing Second Show”. Even though it was all about disappointment, it didn’t seem that way. She creatively meandered over large swathes of territory (and extremely loud hecklers), including a very funny discussion of what would actually be on a pink pound…

On Thursday evening, I wandered into the local borders to see Robert Lacey talking about history in general and his latest book in particular. I really find his approach to history excellent for someone like me who detested the subject at school. Concentrating on the narrative makes remembering things much easier.

On Friday, I went to see Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas at the Duke of Yorks, at midnight. I love Terry Gilliam’s works, and this was no exception. Watching a room full of people turn into lizards can’t be beat. And a good cast helps things too (Elijah Wood scares the bejesus out of me after Sin City and this didn’t help matters).

Saturday was mostly spent dropping things on the floor (late nights don’t agree with me much any more). But on Sunday, we took off to see Rich Hall at the Corn Exchange. A grizzled, sarcastic american who swears a lot. It was obviously funny. Especially when he started on about shooting gophers in Montana. But what really surprised me by the end of the performance was the sheer humanity that was hiding underneath the prickly veneer. I came away hugely impressed.

Monday night was completely different. I partook in the first Brighton Coder’s Dojo. Jez Nicholoson and Tom Hume have already written it up quite well. I enjoyed it, although the 5 minute limit really became very clear when I erroneously tried to track down something in the debugger.

Yesterday, I was about to go out to the latest CafĂ© Scientifique, but… My central heating went wrong instead. So I had a lovely evening in with the plumber. Ah well. Time for a break.