Brighton Ruby Users Group

Last night was the inaugural meeting of the Brighton Ruby User Group at the Eagle. I gave a (slightly) slimmer version of my Unicode for Rails talk1. I really should learn about code on slides though. Just because something looks good on screen, the lovely soft focus effect that projectors provide quickly turns it to mush…

Jay Gooby also gave an excellent off-the-cuff introduction to some of the neat bits which are up & coming in Rails 1.2 (simply_restful in particular). rake rails:freeze:edge is the magic. And if you get bored, just rm -rf vendor/rails.

But it’s the people that make the evening. And we had a superb turnout—at least 14 people. There were lots of faces I hadn’t seen before, which is excellent. Also, a very wide range of Ruby / Rails experience from “none” to “lots”. In retrospect, I hope I didn’t scare anybody with the deep technical stuff in my talk… Next time I think an “intro to Ruby” talk might be a good idea, judging by the comments.

Anyway, my thanks to James for organising. I’m looking forward to the next one!

1 Slides are over here.