I’ve tried iTerm a few times before, and not really got on with it. I wandered past today however, and noticed that the new version has a full screen option. Yummy.

So I’m giving it a trial run. It’s taken a little bit of setup to work correctly with the damned Linux boxes at work. Mostly this is ensuring that the backspace key sends a backspace instead of a delete1. I also had to turn on option translating to ESC+key, as my emacs-ingrained fingers know that Option-F is forward-word.

Oh, and turning off the tabs as much as possible. I like tabs in my browser, but in a terminal, I’d rather use screen.

But apart from those (minor) quibbles, it seems to be a good little program. I’ll keep going with it for now. And the full screen mode works a treat. It’s just like PuTTY.

1 I hate doing this, but I can’t be bothered to mess around with the Linux boxes.

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