En Français, s’il-vous plait

I’m in France, visiting my relations. Once upon a time I could speak French fluently. I lived there for a year. Now, my French has detoriated to the point where I can hardly string a sentence together. This is most distressing, but entirely understandable due to lack of practise.

Then, wandering through FNAC on Friday, I saw my salvation: comics! A wall of graphic novels, all in French. I drooled. I picked myself up and started some serious browsing. What better way to practise than enjoying a great story? So I’ve now got a few comics to take back and enjoy, and hopefully by the next time I won’t feel quite so much like a fish out of water.

On another note entirely, I saw a translated version of Alan Moore’s 49’ers for less than the price I paid for the English version. Shocking, I call it!

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