Skillswap: Intro to Rails

Last night I presented a skillswap, “Introduction to Rails”. This was meant to be a fairly quick overview for people who’ve done some web development before, but are completely new to Rails (and Ruby). The event was presented in two parts. First, a set of slides about what Rails is, why it works and a brief overview of Ruby. Then, a practical session.

For the practical, I installed Locomotive and we ran through a quick session of getting started with a rails application, building a model and putting up some scaffolding on top of that. There were only five macs, so people had to work together, which probably helped. I have to issue a huge thanks to lighthouse for the opportunity to use the fantastic venue.

I did actually have further slides and handouts, which progressed the practical, but it was already getting on for 20:30, so it seemed wiser to halt whilst things were still going well.

Like all live things, not all went to plan. The main annoyance was the fact that Locomotive-generated projects (well, Rails really) default to using MySQL. A quick switch to SQLite made things work a lot better. Servers can be a pain when you’re trying to get things running.

The slides and handout are available for download.

Also many thanks to Jane for the kind words. 🙂

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