Amelia Elyane Mitchell

Blimey. Babies take up a lot of time don’t they? 10 days ago on May 13th, Amelia Elyane Mitchell was born (weight: 3110g). It was a quick birth: the waters broke at 0330 and she was born at 1110.

Amelia Elyane Mitchell

Little screamy (as she is rapidly becoming known) is doing very well, apart from a tendency to dislike eating. This isn’t too healthy in a baby, so we’ve been getting our money’s worth out of the NHS in terms of midwife visits.

She is sleeping well, with no particular preference to location. One lap’s as good as another.

Snoozy Amelia

Now, a few days later she’s opening up her eyes and being a bit more perky.

Inquisitive Eyes

Thankfully, the sleepless nights are falling into a pattern and we’re not being woken up too much. I might just be in working order by the time I return to work next Tuesday. Mind you, dealing with visiting relations is a large part of the tiredness too. 🙂

We are overjoyed to have her around. Life just got a whole lot better.