jslint4java 1.1

I’ve put out a new version of jslint4java. The changes aren’t huge, but there are a couple of note:

  • Fix Issue 1: a NullPointerException when jslint gives up. This is doubly annoying because it’s both documented and it caught me out when writing the Perl wrapper, JavaScript-JSLint.
  • I’ve added an ant task so you can verify a bunch of JavaScript files as part of a built. I was really surprised at how easy this was to throw together.
  • I’ve upgraded to the latest version of jslint. It seems to be pickier about whitespace. I do wish Douglas Crockford kept a changelog…

In the meantime, I’ve also been working on an Eclipse plugin. It’s in a “works for me” state at the moment, and needs some more love before it gets published. In particular, it needs to be able to choose whether or not to validate on a file-by-file basis, in case you have a packed JavaScript file.

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