Octocat is something to do with Github.  Dunno what, but he's cute.
Octocat is something to do with Github. Dunno what, but he's cute.

Recently, I’ve been using git more and more. Where git really shines is sharing code. Previously, I’ve tended to keep all my projects in my subversion repository, but whilst that’s great for me, it’s a pain for anybody else, as my server is frequently down.

So, I’ve converted all of my CPAN modules to git repositories and uploaded them to Github is a lovely tool for sharing code. Anybody can take your project, work on it in isolation and feed the result back to you. No longer are you denied “commit privileges” like so many other version control systems I’ve used. This is particularly important given my long period of time between updates…

Github also doubles up as a very effective source code browser. I love the way you can comment on any line of code that’s present.

As well as my CPAN modules, I’ve also uploaded a couple of other small projects.

On another git-related note, I recently purchased git internals from peepcode. At $9 (£4.50), it’s a complete steal. It’s a really good intro to git, starting with “how it works.” Understanding the concepts makes it a lot easier to understand why things work the way that they do.

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