jslint4java 1.3

I’ve finally released jslint4java 1.3. It’s available for download from google code.

The user visible improvements are few.

  • Better documentation.
  • The indent option is supported.
  • Add getEdition() call.
  • The ant task can now work with any kind of nested resource, not just files.
  • Updated to jslint 2009-07-08

I’ve moved the package names around. Everything is now in com.googlecode.jslint4java instead of net.happygiraffe.jslint. This will mainly affect ant users. The documentation should have some examples of the new form to copy.

The main change behind the scenes is that I’ve switched the build system to maven. This took me much longer than I expected. Though I’m still convinced maven is an effective tool, I can clearly see the rough edges. Still, now it’s done, it should enable more rapid releases in the future.

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