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Whilst I ensure I have the latest version of JSLint for each release of jslint4java, it’s often difficult to know what’s actually changed between versions. Unfortunately, Douglas Crockford doesn’t maintain a public version control system1 (which is entirely up to him).

Nonetheless, it’s kind of useful to be able to look at a version of JSLint and say “this changed since the last version”. So, I’ve started mirroring into a git repository. I check for updates every hour.

This means you can now see how JSLint changes over time.

Now, it’s not as useful as it could be. It would be nice to tie these up to the changes that Douglas posts to the mailing list (e.g. announcing the new .data() support). But that’s quite a bit more work.

I hope that this is beneficial to somebody.

1 It’s amazing how normal public version control has become over the years. This used to be a lot less common, which made projects a lot harder to understand.

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