jslint4java 1.4

I’ve just released a new version of jslint4java, 1.4. Most useful is probably support for JUnit output, which should make jslint easy to integrate with a continuous build system like hudson or pulse. Here’s the full set of changes:

  •  issue 35 : Removed embedded JUnit.
  •  issue 30 : Add a "report" formatter to the ant task.
    • Also available on the command line with --report
  •  issue 37 : add a --encoding flag for specifying the encoding files on the command line.
  •  issue 36 : add a JUnit XML formatter.
  •  issue 26 : add support for .data() call in JSLINT.
    • This is only available in the Java API right now.
  •  issue 39 : add failureproperty to the ant task.
  • Use JCommander for flag processing.
    • (INCOMPATIBILITY) This means that command line option parsing has changed slightly. You now have to say --indent 2 instead of --indent=2.
    • (INCOMPATIBILITY) The minimum version of Java is now 6.
  • Update to JSLint 2010-07-14.
    • Adds options: es5, windows.
    • Removes options: sidebar.

I’m really grateful to Cédric Beust for JCommander. It’s a really nice little library.

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