SSHKeyChain install fix

I like SSHKeychain. I’ve used it for a long time. However, I recently tried to install it and noticed that it kept blowing up in the post-install phase. Having quick look at the installer, I saw this:

% cd /Volumes/SSHKeychain 
% cat SSHKeychain.pkg/Contents/Resources/postinstall 
chown -R $USER:$USER "$2/"
#chown root:admin "$2/"
#chmod u+s "$2/"

It assumes you have a group named after you. This is not the case for me. Now, I could copy the package to a read-write location, and edit the postinstall script to fix this.

However, it turns out the failure in postinstall means the package still installed OK. So, it’s easy to fix the failure by manually chown(1)ing at the command line.

% sudo chown -R $LOGNAME /Applications/

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