jslint4java 2.0.0

I’ve finally released jslint4java 2.0.0. It’s now available at The main new feature is that it now sports a maven plugin in addition to the ant task.

There is also a breaking change, that’s been inherited from JSLint. The meaning of several options has been inverted. Now, the default is to behave strictly, with options turned off. For example, if you want to turn off JSLint’s checking of whitespace, you now have to specify --white. Previously, this would enable checking of whitespace. See the release notes for details, and please take care when updating.

The maven plugin should behave much like any other maven plugin: you add it to your <build><plugins> section. Here’s an example:


I’d love feedback on how well this works.

3 replies on “jslint4java 2.0.0”

Hello Dominic Mitchell,

Thank you very much for this great Tool.

I have a problem in using a .js file which is in the UTF-8 Encoding format. If i save the same file to ANSI it’s works fine.

I have tried the –encoding UTF-8 argument and it doesn’t help me.

If i have missed out anything specific, kindly point out to me and help me.

Here below you have error which i get for the UTF-8 file format,

jslint:js\PurchaseTrackerScript.js:1:1:Unexpected ‘∩’.
jslint:js\PurchaseTrackerScript.js:1:1:Stopping. (1% scanned).

Thanks & Regards,
Arun K

Really excited about integrating jslint4java into my build, but it looks like I need to wait for jslint4java-2.0.1 since I’m using an older version of maven (2.2.1). Can we expect the 2.0.1 version of the maven plugin to be released in the next few weeks? Thanks!

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