Most of this week was follow-on from last week’s attempt to make a data pipeline read from a Spanner database. The configuration turned out to be quite the tricky thing to make work. But at least I solved it for everyone. And the improvements are worthwhile: the pipeline runtime has halved, and we’re now able to read much more recent data, as we’re not relying on exports of database backups. The key part to making this work is that the pipeline is using a new feature to access the underlying files that the database uses, instead of having to make an online query.

Aside from that, one highlight was a pair programming exercise with a colleague in the USA who was interested in learning Go. We managed to contribute an improvement in about an hour, which is great, and he’s now looking at making changes on his own.

I spent a great deal of time with my manager writing up a summary of what I’d done over the last six months. I find it hard to present a coherent, data driven picture of this (despite the effort of writing snippets each week, so I actually have something to base this on…)

Stats: 18 changes submitted, 47 reviewed.

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