Something of a mixed week. I was the oncall person, so got to deal with a bunch of interesting failing things. Most interesting was an alert that one of our databases was approaching 70% of its disk quota. We weren’t in a position to get more, so I ended up designing a solution which would migrate the blobs out of the database. We don’t have time to implement this right now. But we have a reviewed design, and enough time to implement it before it’s a crisis.

The main thing I was supposed to be working on was designing a migration for the metrics system I work on. As happens so often, I ended up going down a rabbit hole trying to understand the source data. Bugs were filed … but not a lot of progress was made.

I filed my first bug against Chrome! The right click menu on a mac has grown a “Exit Full Screen” menu item right where “Back” used to sit. This led to me being frustrated two-to-three times per hour as I spend of my time in full screen mode.

Stats: 14 changes submitted, 39 reviewed.

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