I finally relented. After missing the second part of CSI: A Bullet Runs Through It, I turned to BitTorrent to try and catch it. I hate cliffhangers.

I spent a little while trying to get the official client to work. This involved setting up port forwarding on my router, and didn’t really end up working very well. It’s far too much like sysadmin work and I try to minimise that these days.

So on a hunch, I switched to Azureus. The initial impressions are somewhat overwhelming (never let programmers design UIs!), but it’s obvious the functionality is all there. Most importantly it supports UPNP which means that it can explicitly ask the router to open up any holes as and when needed. Fantastic! Now my downloads are performing at the speed they should be, and with minimal involvement on my behalf.

Overall, I’m very impressed. I shouldn’t have put off looking at BitTorrent for so long.

Oh, and the episode itself? Well, I’m still waiting to see it. It’s hard to schedule time for both of us to sit down in front of the computer…