Last night we took the cats to the vets in order to get their injections sorted out. For apparently healthy cats, they sure cost a lot!

In fairness, they did have two jabs (leukemia and flu) and a pill (worming) each. Surprisngly, Lucky made more noise about the jabs than Lola did. The vet said tortoiseshells are always more temperamental.


Cat Presents

This morning was the first time that the cats saw fit to deliver us with presents. I heard a racket at 4am and found Lucky cornering a mouse in the hallway. Too tired to do anything about it, I left her and came back in the morning. Then I found not only a mouse in the hallway, but another in the lounge. Busy cats!

So I had to clean up the mess and discovered bits of my dwelling that I’d forgotten about. It turns out that Lucky had been playing with mouse in the hallway extensively. When I looked behind the chair where I’d seen her, there was vast amounts of mouse blood covering the floor and skirting board. It looked like the introduction to an episode of CSI. Lots of detergent later, the place is finally demoused.

I’m actually far less upset about this than with yesterdays behaviour. We’d attempted to take away the litter tray. Unfortunately, Lucky got a bit confused. She knew that there was always newspaper at the bottom of the litter tray. So when she found no litter tray, she went on the next best thing—the newspaper on the bathroom floor. While I was shaving. Cow. The little cow. I had no idea that one cat could piss so much.



We are now the owner of two lovely little cats. A friend was moving and needed a good home for them, so we took them on.

And in grand Internet tradition, here are the cat photos!

lucky cat

That’s Lucky, female. She’s quite large and very friendly.

lola cat

That is Lola, female. She’s smallish and quite nervous. And she still acts quite kittenish.