Bloody Software

Over Christmas, my server has mostly been turned off. This is because it’s in one of the guest bedrooms and my mother who was staying in there didn’t appreciate the noise.

On the day after boxing day, we travelled up to the in-law’s for a few days. And so I switched the server on and ran out of the door. Unfortunately PostgreSQL failed to start up correctly (a recent change to the FreeBSD ports system, to which PostgreSQL had not been adjusted). Thanks to the marvels of PHP, this blog just displayed a database connect error. Including the database username and password in the clear. How screwed is that?

What’s worse is that I kept getting “connection refused” when attempting to connect from the in-law’s broadband connection. I have no idea why, but I suspect that some filtering is occuring in their router or at BT Internet. Grrr. So no way to fix it until I got back, just now.

So, the sooner I can get Typo up and running instead, the better. It won’t work without a database, but I very much doubt that it will default to spamming my username and password to the world… Good job I don’t use that one elsewhere.