After months of neglect, I’ve picked up on XML::Genx again. One “A. Pagaltzis” wrote to me and made two suggestions. Firstly, why didn’t I wrap genxScrubText() and secondly why didn’t have a method for automatically creating XML output as a string since that’s such a common use case.

Well, I tried the first one and got very frustrated by XS and its little foibles. So I left the whole project alone for a while.

But last night, I started working on the string appender. And it was actually much easier than I thought. Not only that, it gave me the idea for making the internals much better and cleaner. At the moment I have an internal global hash, because I can’t store things in $self like normal Perl OO code (because $self is a blessed scalar point at a genxWriter instead. But genxWriter takes a user pointer, so I can just stick the hash in there. I shoulda thought of that ages ago.

So, one new release today and a cleanup release RSN to rework the internals around user data a bit better. And then I’ll get back to genxScrubText().