Sage RSS Reader

If you use firefox, then sage provides a very useful improvement over the default implementation of RSS (“Live Bookmarks”). Some of the features:

  • Tells you which items you haven’t read yet.
  • Better feed autodiscovery.
  • Proper OPML export.

If you’re using Live Bookmarks at all in firefox, it’s worth checking out.


Firefox / Thunderbird Extensions

There are two things that I could really, really use:

  • A firefox extension to summarize all live bookmarks by download time, so you can immediately see which ones have new items.
  • A thunderbird extension to understand Mailing List headers, so you can have a Reply-To-List button.

I suppose I’d better start cracking on them…


Flickr Feeds

Everybody else has probably known about this for ages, but I’ve just seen it in a link from boingboing. Flickr, one of the online photo album people supports feeds for search queries. What this means is that any newly tagged photos uploaded to flickr that might interest you instantly pop up in your feed reader.

For example, I’ve just subscribed to all photos of brighton. So any new shots of Brighton should get delivered straight to me. Lovely!